Rough draft (day 1):

Ethan, Shelby, Feyi, Ani

Through the fairytale of the jungle came the creature of the night-mare, the beastie and the snake like creature…….
Such a creature manifested it self inside their imagination, they now have the ability to believe not only what they hear but what they see. “But I tell you there isn’t a beast,” being said is not as assuring anymore with all the questions and concerns that lay in the mind of the children. The “two older boys flinched when they heard the shameful syllable. Snakes are not mentioned not mentionable,” is now being argued because the mind set of the children is now been expanded farther than before. The mind set has been molded with the idea of the beastie now exists in reality. Some say there isn’t a snake-thing but “if there was a snake thing we’d hunt it and kill it” says Jack just as he did with the pig.

Final copy (day 2):