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September 3rd discussion over "The Monster Grendel" and "The Arrival of the Hero" Discussion

153: "Dripping with my enemies' blood. I drove..." -- arrogance and the use of "I", "I', "I"

165: "That I, alone and with the help of my men,"

168: "...he needs no weapons and fears none. / Nor will I."

God / Almighty / Cane and Able (brother who kills his brother; sons of Adam and Eve)

20: "drove those demons out, and their exile was bitter, / Shut away from men"

Connecting Grendel and "Lucifer" (and the devil)???
  • 16: "monster stirred, that demon, that fiend"
  • 21+: "banished / By God, punished forever for the crime / Of Abel's death"
  • 23: "Almighty drove / Those demons out, and their exile was bitter" -- human qualities
  • 1-2: "living down / In the darkness, growled in pain, impatient..." -- human qualities
  • 4-5: fun, rejoicing -- jealousy
  • 18+: "...and made his home in a hell / Not hell but earth"
  • 90-1: "stone gods" "heathen vows" "Hells"

Thursday 9/4 Discussion

28: "A brood forever opposing the Lord's / Will, and again and again defeated."

what is left? reputation!

the stories are their reputation/legacy!

84: "Throne, protected by God -- God, / Whose love Grendel could not know"

90: "stone gods" (pagan)

92: "Devil's guidance"

King Hrothgar is protected by God (throne) -- like Superman? Kryptonite?

102: "Hail / To those who will rise to God..."

9/5: 3 Questions before Quiz:

1. Unferth sounds like he's related to the King of the Danes: B's reaction:

2. How does Beowulf defend himself against Unferth?

3. 364-9: Bragging about how great he was