Evolution of the Conch
In the beginning, the boys worshipped the conch believing it to be their only connection to the real world; but as the story progresses, the conch starts to lose power. Unlike before, the boys “don’t need the conch any more,” to maintain an organized society. (102) By now, it is apparent to the boys that a hierarchy exists within the island: the older, more experienced boys towards the top and the littluns at the bottom. The conch is beginning to lose authority as Jack is maturing, becoming a more powerful force with the boys. Jack develops a way of getting through to all of the boys in a way that Ralph could not. As Jack burgeons into a leader, the boys begin to respect him. As Jack and the boys become more animalistic, “the understandable and lawful world was [beginning to slip] away.” (91) Once the boys disregard the conch, the level of organization decreases. The recently made rules begin to be ignored, even though the rules are essentially “all [they] have.” (91) The ignoring of these rules foreshadows the destruction of the once organized society.

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