Loss of the Supernatural Authority

As the boys evolve to survive on the island, Ralph begins to lose his authority and the conch begins to lose its importance. With more turmoil on the island, the boys start “breaking the rules” and little by little, Ralph’s power decreases as a leader. (pg. 91) The boys “[speak] out of turn” and override the conch’s supernatural superiority. (pg. 89) As order is lost, the boys gradually drift into savagery. Without order, Piggy foresees that “if you don’t blow [the conch], [they’ll] soon animals anyway.” (pg. 92) Ralph doesn’t blow the conch because he is afraid of acknowledging his loss of power. He believes that “if [he] blows the conch and they don’t come back,” this will prove his loss of leadership. The conch, once a symbol of power, has now lost its importance completely. As the boys run off into the forest, Ralph and the conch become obsolete. Although the conch was once a supreme importance, their adaptations to the island cause them to stray away from the leadership of Ralph and the conch.

Ch 5: "Beast from Water" & Ch 6: "Beast from Air" small group mini-essay paragraph writing challenge (in lieu of the typical in-class essay):

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