Unknown Danger
As the boys begin to lose their grip on reality they start convincing themselves that the fear inside them is being created by their own delirious minds. They start to realize that “maybe it’s only us” (pg. 89) and maybe the beast is not what they originally believed. The loss of self control is beginning to show especially during the latest assembly when the boys cannot stay focused on what needs to be discussed. Now like never before, the conch is out of reach from controlling the minds of the children. The boys fail to notice that they are more animalistic when its stated “What would a beast eat……Pig…We eat pig.”(pg. 83). The proposal that they eat the same as the beast begins to enlist fear in the group. The combination of their fears, the snake thing, the fire, and their own survival, begins to push them to “the breaking up of sanity.” (pg. 88) This apprehension causes more tension between the boys and causes their society to crumble even more. As the daylight begins to fade “Soon the darkness was full of claws, full of the awful unknown and menace.”(pg. 99) The unknown danger begins to cause insecurity amongst the boys. Towards the end, the reader begins to see that as the light comes over the mountain top “the danger [fades] with the darkness.” (pg 108)

Ch 5: "Beast from Water" & Ch 6: "Beast from Air" small group mini-essay paragraph writing challenge (in lieu of the typical in-class essay):

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